Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2. Nintendo Switch £4.49 each

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Nintendo EShop has Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2. Nintendo Switch £4.49 each

Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2, available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, are thrilling action-adventure titles that take you through a unique 8-bit world of intense, fast-paced platforming and top-down shooting. Each game features immersive levels, captivating stories, and an expansive roster of playable characters. Enjoy the classic run-and-gun action and face off against intense enemies and challenging bosses. With plenty of secrets to uncover and hidden items to discover, these games will provide hours of entertainment and adventure. Get ready to blast your way through the retro world of Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2 – available now on Nintendo Switch for just £4.49 each.

Product Features

1. 8-bit retro style graphics and sound: The game brings back the classic 8-bit visuals and sounds from the original game for an authentic blast from the past.

2. Intuitive controls: The simple, intuitive controls make it easy to control your vehicle and explore the game’s expansive world.

3. Engaging storyline: Follow Jason and Eve as they explore the depths of their world, uncover secrets, and fight off their enemies.

4. Challenging levels: With over 40 levels to explore, there’s plenty of challenge to keep you coming back for more.

5. Dual-mode gameplay: Switch between side-scrolling and top-down perspectives as you explore dungeons and battle monsters.

6. Variety of weapons: Choose from a variety of weapons such as missiles, lasers, and more to take down your enemies.

7. Online and local co-op: Play with up to four players in local or online co-op mode to take down pesky enemies.

8. Unlockable content: Collect various items and unlock new content to enhance your gameplay experience.

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