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Steam has Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars £2.99 @ Steam

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is an exciting and unique role-playing game in which players explore dungeons, battle monsters and create Star Children to help save the world. Players take on the role of a student at a prestigious academy who, together with their fellow students, must brave mysterious Labyrinths and vanquish eldritch monsters to save the world from an impending doom. In addition to turn-based battles, players must use their social skills to form relationships and create new Star Children, which can be used for battle. With a compelling story, colorful characters and an array of powerful monsters, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is an unforgettable and immersive gaming experience.

Product Features

1. Exciting turn-based combat system with customizable skills, weapons, and character classes.
2. Explore a vast, multi-layered world with a unique visual style and gripping story.
3. Recruit a team of seven unique, customizable characters and develop relationships with them.
4. Engage in strategic dungeon-crawling battles with a variety of monsters and bosses.
5. Craft powerful weapons and equipment with “God-Tools” to give your team an edge in battle.
6. Take on side-quests to gain valuable rewards and further the story.
7. Utilize special “group attacks” to unleash devastating combos.
8. Unlock special bonuses for completing dungeons and defeating powerful enemies.
9. Enjoy a fully-voiced story with an original soundtrack and voice acting.
10. Accessible gameplay and tutorial system for newcomers to the genre.

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