Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition – Steam key – £2.15 @ Fanatical

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£2.15 £5 See Deal

Fanatical has Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition – Steam key – £2.15 @ Fanatical

Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition is the exciting and thrilling action-packed zombie horror game. Experience the intense and immersive zombie apocalypse, as you battle your way through a tropical paradise, fighting off hordes of infected zombies. Explore the open world, where no two games are the same, with dynamic weather and a variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from. With the inclusion of the Definitive Edition, you’ll enjoy improved graphics and gameplay, as well as all of the previously released DLC. Get your Steam key for just £2.15 at Fanatical and prepare for the ultimate zombie slaying adventure.

Product Features

• Remastered visuals: Remastered graphics, textures and lighting effects for an even more intense zombie slaying experience.

• Open world adventure: Explore the tropical island of Palanai on the Banoi archipelago with a diverse range of environments, from lush jungles and muddy swamps to urban areas ravaged by the zombie outbreak.

• Zombie hordes: Wield a wide range of weapons from the classic assault rifle and electric machete to the RPG and zombie bait can.

• Co-op mode: Play with up to four players in co-op mode and join forces to complete the campaign missions.

• Character development: Customize and upgrade your characters with experience points earned in combat.

• New character class: Play as the new character class, the Ex-Survivor and experience a deeper level of immersion with new skills and abilities.

• New weapons and vehicles: Experience new weapons and vehicles like the airboat and hang-glider.

• Expanded storyline: Continue the story from the original Dead Island and take on new missions and challenges.

• Bonus content: Unlock bonus content including an exclusive weapon, character skins and more.

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