Digimon Survive (Switch)

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The Game Collection has Digimon Survive (Switch)

Digimon Survive is an exciting and innovative new strategy-based adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. Featuring a unique, story-driven gameplay experience, Digimon Survive follows the story of Takuma Momozuka, a teenage boy who is transported to a mysterious new world filled with powerful Digimon. Players must explore, battle and use strategy to survive in this strange new world, as they uncover the secrets behind Takuma’s transformation and discover the power of friendship. With beautiful anime-style visuals and a stirring musical score, Digimon Survive is an unforgettable experience for fans of the Digimon franchise.

Product Features

1. Play as a Digimon Tamer and experience a brand new story with your Digimon companions.

2. Explore a world filled with real-time battles, where the choices you make determine the fate of the world around you.

3. Customize your Digimon partner’s stats and abilities with the Digi-Farm system.

4. Enjoy vibrant, hand-drawn art and animation brought to life with a classic RPG-style battle system.

5. Uncover the mystery of a strange virus that is threatening the Digital World in both the main story and the side quests.

6. Connect with friends online to trade Digimon and battle each other in real-time.

7. Enjoy a fully voiced cast with English and Japanese dialogue options.

8. Play on the go with Nintendo Switch, or stay at home with comfortable controls on the TV.

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