Epic Games: Kerbal Space Program [PC] for free @ Epic Games

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Epic Games has Epic Games: Kerbal Space Program [PC] for free @ Epic Games

Epic Games is offering Kerbal Space Program for free on PC! KSP is an incredible space exploration game that lets you build and pilot your own spacecraft to explore the universe. With realistic physics-based flight simulations and a highly detailed 3D environment, you’ll be able to explore the solar system, build and launch complex rockets, and even land on distant planets. Get ready to experience an unforgettable journey into the cosmos with this must-have game from Epic Games.

Product Features

1. Access to the full game of Kerbal Space Program for the PC.
2. Create and manage your own space program with the use of comprehensive parts and modules.
3. Construct and customize spacecrafts, launch them into orbit, and explore the universe.
4. Examine your crewed vessels and use realistic physics and science to send them to distant planets.
5. Guide Kerbals through a variety of exciting and dangerous missions and explore the unknown.
6. Overcome difficult challenges and gain unique rewards and achievements.
7. Enjoy an ever-expanding universe with new content updates and expansions.
8. Experience a fully featured modding community and take part in a vibrant online community.
9. Utilize intuitive controls and powerful gameplay mechanics to make your own unique space program.
10. Enjoy stunning visuals, immersive sounds, and an amazing soundtrack.

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