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Google Play has Evoland 2 – £0.99 @ GooglePlay

Evoland 2 is an exciting and immersive role-playing game that takes you on a fantastic journey through time and space. Experience a unique combination of action, RPG, and puzzle-solving elements as you explore the world of Evoland. Enjoy hours of captivating gameplay with a multitude of characters, stunning visuals, and an unfolding story. Get ready to explore, fight, and solve puzzles in Evoland 2 for only £0.99 on GooglePlay!

Product Features

1. Epic adventure highlighting the evolution of classic RPG gaming
2. Breath-taking visuals and a rich story filled with memorable characters
3. Unlock new technologies, gameplay systems and graphical upgrades as you progress through the game
4. Over 20 hours of action-packed gameplay, including puzzles, side-quests and secret areas
5. Explore multiple different eras in the history of gaming, from 8-bit to full HD graphics
6. Enjoy a unique soundtrack that changes as you progress in the game
7. Collectible cards, achievements and bonus content to unlock
8. Compete with your friends and the world to climb the leaderboards
9. Engaging turn-based battles with various enemies and bosses
10. Cross-platform gameplay, with cloud saving across all your devices

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