Ghost Ship 0.5% 500ml £1

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Sainsbury’s has Ghost Ship 0.5% 500ml £1


Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Ghost Ship 0.5% 500ml, now available for only £1.99! This unique, low-alcohol beverage is the perfect way to enjoy a night out without getting too drunk. Its light, citrusy flavor is sure to make your taste buds dance, and the 0.5% alcohol content ensures you won’t get too tipsy. Plus, the 500ml bottle size is perfect for sharing with friends or taking with you on your travels. Get ready for a wild ride with Ghost Ship 0.5% 500ml – the perfect way to get the party started!

Product Features

1. 0.5% ABV – Alcohol content at 0.5%, perfect for a light, refreshing drink.

2. 500ml – A generous size for a single serving.

3. £1 – Affordable price makes it the perfect choice for a budget conscience consumer.

4. Natural ingredients – No artificial flavours or colours, just natural goodness.

5. Low calorie – Just 46 calories per 500ml bottle.

6. Crisp taste – Clean, crisp and light taste, with no aftertaste.

7. Gluten free – Suitable for those with gluten intolerance.

8. Vegan friendly – Perfect for vegans, vegetarians and those on a plant-based diet.

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