[iPhone/iPad] The Lost Fountain (Point & Click Game) – PEGI 7 – FREE @ IOS App Store

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App Store has [iPhone/iPad] The Lost Fountain (Point & Click Game) – PEGI 7 – FREE @ IOS App Store

The Lost Fountain is an exciting point and click adventure game for iPhone and iPad that is suitable for all ages! Players explore an enchanted world of mystery, puzzles, and magic in this captivating and immersive game. Experience an exciting story of a lost fountain, and discover the secrets of a magical land. With beautiful graphics, intuitive controls, and a fun and challenging game-play, The Lost Fountain will bring hours of fun to your iOS device. And the best part? It’s free on the App Store!

Product Features

• A fun, free point-and-click adventure game on the iOS App Store, with a PEGI 7 rating
• Explore a magical world filled with puzzles and mini-games, full of surprises and exciting challenges
• Solve puzzles, find items and uncover the mystery of The Lost Fountain
• Stunning, hand-drawn cartoon art style and immersive soundtrack
• Collect coins, gems and special items to unlock new areas and progress through the game
• Fun for all ages, with no in-app purchases or ads

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