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Epic Games has Kerbal Space Program PC FREE @ Epic Games

Kerbal Space Program is the ultimate space exploration game for PC. Play as the brave Kerbals, a race of small, green, adventurous aliens, as they explore the vastness of space. Build and manage your own space center, craft and launch manned and unmanned rockets, and explore the solar system. With an extensive set of tools and an ever-changing sandbox environment, no game offers the same level of creative freedom and sheer fun. Download Kerbal Space Program for FREE on Epic Games and embark on an interplanetary journey of discovery.

Product Features

1. High-Definition visuals: Experience a stunningly realistic orbital experience with stunning visuals and gameplay.

2. Realistic flight physics: Enjoy a realistic and accurate simulation of space flight with realistic flight dynamics and orbital mechanics.

3. Comprehensive mission editor: Create and customize your own missions and adventures with a powerful mission editor.

4. Mod support: With an ever-growing library of mods, expand your space exploration experience with additional content.

5. Online Multiplayer: Play online with friends and explore the universe together.

6. Extensive research and development: Unlock new technology and build your own space program with an extensive R&D system.

7. Cross-platform support: Play on Windows, Mac and Linux with cross-platform compatibility.

8. Extensive sandbox mode: Create and customize your own space program in an expansive sandbox mode.

9. Career mode: Progress through the ranks and unlock new technologies as you strive to become the most successful space program.

10. Educational features: Learn about space exploration and the physics of space flight with educational features.

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