Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit

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Dunelm has Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit

Make delicious, fresh and healthy sourdough bread with the Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit. This kit contains everything you need to get started, including a sourdough starter culture, a Kilner jar with an airlock, a thermometer and a spoon to measure the ingredients. All you need to add is flour, water and salt to create the perfect sourdough loaf. The Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit is perfect for a beginner baker, or for someone looking for an easy way to make their own sourdough bread at home. With the Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit, you can enjoy the taste of homemade sourdough bread, anytime!

Product Features

1. Easy to use: This kit contains all the necessary ingredients, tools, and instructions you need to get started making your own delicious sourdough bread.

2. All Natural: This kit contains only natural and organic ingredients, guaranteeing you the highest quality and freshest sourdough.

3. Freshness: The included sourdough starter is pre-mixed and ready to use, so you can get baking right away.

4. Long-lasting: With proper care, the included sourdough starter can last for months, allowing you to make many loaves of bread with the same batch.

5. Comprehensive: This kit includes a comprehensive guide to baking with sourdough, so you can become a pro baker in no time.

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