Mafia II: Definitive Edition PC Download STEAM £3.85 @ ShopTo

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£3.85 £199.99 See Deal

Tesco has Mafia II: Definitive Edition PC Download STEAM £3.85 @ ShopTo

Mafia II: Definitive Edition PC Download is now available on STEAM for just £3.85 from ShopTo. This definitive edition of the popular action-adventure game includes all the original content plus all DLCs ever released, including “Jimmy’s Vendetta”, “Joe’s Adventures”, and “The Betrayal of Jimmy”. This definitive edition also comes with new features, including improved lighting and shadows, upgraded textures, and native support for 4K resolution. Experience the classic game with a new level of detail and action-packed excitement. Get your Mafia II: Definitive Edition PC Download from ShopTo now!

Product Features

1. Remastered versions of Mafia II and all downloadable content: The game includes the fully remastered versions of Mafia II and all of its downloadable content, including Joe’s Adventures, Jimmy’s Vendetta and The Betrayal of Jimmy.

2. Enhanced graphics: Mafia II: Definitive Edition includes enhanced graphics and visuals, with improved lighting, shadows and more. Plus, players can choose between a 4K resolution or a 60 FPS performance mode.

3. Updated soundtrack: The game includes an updated soundtrack featuring over 40 songs from the original game, as well as new tracks from the era.

4. Expanded cutscenes: Mafia II: Definitive Edition features expanded cutscenes, with new dialogues and cinematics.

5. New weapons and vehicles: The game includes new weapons and vehicles, including Tommy Guns, M1 Garands and the cars from The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC.

6. Improved AI: The AI has been improved and tweaked, with smarter enemies and improved enemy behavior.

7. New collectibles: The game includes new collectibles, such as posters, books, and Playboy magazines.

8. Online Multiplayer: The game includes online multiplayer, allowing players to race and battle with other players online.

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