MGS V: The Phantom Pain (XBox 360) £3.99 XBox marketplace.

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Heron Foods has MGS V: The Phantom Pain (XBox 360) £3.99 XBox marketplace.

Experience the critically acclaimed and highly rated MGS V: The Phantom Pain for Xbox 360. Set in a vast open world, you’ll be able to explore and fight your way through a thrilling story of revenge and redemption. With stunning visuals, intense action and a wealth of customisation options, this is an action-packed adventure you won’t want to miss out on. Take on missions, build and customise your base, and experience a unique and compelling story – all for just £3.99 on the Xbox Marketplace.

Product Features

1. Explosive open world gameplay: Explore a massive, open battlefield and use the environment to your advantage.

2. Strategic tactical combat: Utilize the new CQC (Close Quarters Combat) system to take out enemies swiftly and silently.

3. Dynamic weather: Take advantage of the dynamic weather system to plan your approach and change tactics on the fly.

4. Enhanced stealth mechanics: Use the improved stealth mechanics to avoid detection and infiltrate enemy bases undetected.

5. Advanced AI: Adapt your tactics as enemies react to your every move.

6. Multi-player missions: Participate in co-op and adversarial missions with friends.

7. Customization options: Customize your character and weapons to suit your playing style.

8. Vehicle combat: Engage in high-octane vehicle combat with tanks, helicopters and more.

9. Expansive arsenal: Command a wide variety of weapons from assault rifles to rocket launchers.

10. Graphical fidelity: Enjoy stunning visuals powered by the Fox Engine.

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