[Origin] Mass Effect (PC) – £1.69 @ EA Store

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EA Games has [Origin] Mass Effect (PC) – £1.69 @ EA Store

Experience the thrilling sci-fi action adventure of Mass Effect, now available at a reduced price of just £1.69 on the EA Store. Take your place in a spectacular universe where you can explore the vastness of space, discover new worlds, and uncover the secrets of an ancient alien race. As Commander Shepard, you’ll battle the forces of evil, make critical decisions that shape the destiny of the galaxy, and join forces with a diverse cast of characters. Enjoy an immersive, story-driven single-player campaign and thrilling action-packed combat in this landmark sci-fi RPG.

Product Features

1. An immersive and captivating single-player sci-fi adventure, set in an expansive universe filled with danger and discovery.

2. Explore an expansive universe with over 60 hours of engrossing story-driven gameplay.

3. Experience intense tactical combat using futuristic weapons and abilities to defeat your foes.

4. Customise your character with unique classes, abilities, weapons and armour to create the ultimate soldier.

5. Create your own legend and shape the future of the galaxy as you make decisions that have far-reaching consequences.

6. Recruit a team of diverse companions to help you on your journey.

7. Experience stunning visuals and epic soundtracks as you explore strange new worlds and battle fearsome enemies.

8. Enjoy hours of replayability with challenging achievements, side quests and extra content.

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