[PS4] Darkest Dungeon – £1.79 @ PlayStation Store

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£1.79 £4.99 See Deal

Playstation Store has [PS4] Darkest Dungeon – £1.79 @ PlayStation Store

Darkest Dungeon is an award-winning, rogue-like dungeon crawler set in a gothic, nightmarish world. Descend into the heart of the Darkest Dungeon and battle a variety of twisted and powerful monsters in a unique and thrilling turn-based combat system. Take on the role of a brave adventurer and explore the depths of the darkest dungeons, uncovering the secrets and hidden treasures hidden within. With a range of difficulty levels and an array of customisable options, Darkest Dungeon is a must-have game for all PlayStation 4 owners. Now available for only £1.79 from the PlayStation Store.

Product Features

1. Experience intense and unforgiving turn-based combat – face fearsome foes and use each hero’s unique abilities to survive.

2. Explore the depths of a twisted and corrupt world – choose your heroes wisely and venture into the depths of the Darkest Dungeon.

3. Experience a unique and unforgiving difficulty curve – as you progress, the challenge will become more intense and the risks greater.

4. Collect and manage a roster of flawed heroes – upgrade their abilities and equip them with powerful items to aid them in their mission.

5. Battle through an ever-changing dungeon – the environment evolves as you progress, creating dynamic and challenging encounters.

6. Enjoy an immersive and atmospheric soundtrack – the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack will draw you further into the depths of the Darkest Dungeon.

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