Revomon VR (VR Pokemon style game) FREE @ Meta / Oculus App Lab

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EBay has Revomon VR (VR Pokemon style game) FREE @ Meta / Oculus App Lab

Revomon VR is an exciting and immersive virtual reality experience that allows you to explore and battle in the world of Revomon. This Pokemon-style game puts you in the middle of the action as you battle your way through gyms, explore mysterious caves, and collect rare creatures on your journey. With stunning visuals and intuitive controls, Revomon VR is a great way to experience the world of Pokemon in a new and exciting way. Plus, it’s free at the Meta and Oculus App Lab! Get ready to become a Revomon master!

Product Features

• Fully immersive 3D environment allowing players to explore the world of Revomon in full 360-degree virtual reality.

• Unique and innovative gameplay mechanics that allow players to capture and battle with Revomons in virtual reality

• Collect Revomon eggs to raise and train your own team of Revomons

• Compete in tournaments and leaderboards to prove your skills as a Revomon trainer

• Explore hundreds of different maps and environments with varied terrain and obstacles

• Enjoy incredibly realistic graphics, detailed characters and animations

• Experience a true virtual reality adventure with intuitive motion controls

• Compete against friends and family in local and online multiplayer modes

• Enjoy a wide variety of customizations and upgrades to customize your Revomons

• Utilize a range of special abilities and techniques to overcome opponents in battle

• Enjoy regular updates with new Revomons, maps, and missions to keep the game fresh and exciting

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