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Steam has [Steam] Cities: Skylines – £6.89 @ Steam Store

Cities: Skylines is an award-winning city-building simulation game from the developers of the popular strategy game, Cities in Motion. Create and manage your own sprawling metropolis and experience the thrill of urban planning. With the deepest and most sophisticated city-building tools ever, you can design and customize your city down to the last detail. Enjoy a realistic traffic system with advanced AI, enjoy the challenge of keeping your citizens happy, and watch your city come alive with unique and realistic urban growth. Experience the joy of city-building with Cities: Skylines, now on Steam for only £6.89!

Product Features

1. Create and manage your own city with a unique and extensive city-building experience.

2. Construct and design from the ground up your city’s roads, districts, landmarks, and more.

3. Experience realistic traffic simulations and a variety of transportation options.

4. Create and implement policies that affect your city’s economy, crime rate, education, health, and more.

5. Take part in an expansive and ever-evolving online community with new content and challenges.

6. Build specialized industrial zones and factories to boost your economy and create jobs.

7. Utilize detailed in-game statistics and performance tracking to monitor the success of your city.

8. Modify and customize your city with thousands of mods from the Steam Workshop.

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