(Steam) – Days Gone – Cd Key – £7.29 @ Kinguin / Chain Breaker

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Kinguin has (Steam) – Days Gone – Cd Key – £7.29 @ Kinguin / Chain Breaker

Explore the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone with this CD Key from Kinguin. Experience an action-adventure survival horror game and navigate through a world filled with infected creatures. Prepare to take on hordes of Freakers, human drifters, and more as you battle for survival. Experience the open world of Oregon with unique and dynamic weather effects, and create your own story with deep character customization. Enjoy this thrilling game for only £7.29.

Product Features


1. Get the full Days Gone experience with the Chain Breaker Pack from Kinguin, providing you with the full version of the game and Steam CD key for only £7.29.

2. Enjoy a post-apocalyptic world set in the Pacific Northwest, where an outbreak has turned most of humanity into mindless zombie-like creatures.

3. Take control of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw biker and survivor of the outbreak, as he embarks on an adventure through the wilderness to find a reason to live.

4. Uncover the truth behind the outbreak and fight off rival factions and dangerous wildlife as you attempt to stay alive and make it through the treacherous journey.

5. Enjoy stunning visuals and thrilling action-packed gameplay as you make your way through this huge open-world.

6. Take on challenging missions and side quests, as well as dynamic weather, day and night cycles that affect the world and its inhabitants.

7. Upgrade your weapons, unlock special abilities and customize your bike as you progress through the game.

8. Experience intense combat and intense moments as you battle your way to the truth.

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