The Callisto Protocol (Xbox Series X) – Day One Edition £34.85 @ Hit

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Hit has The Callisto Protocol (Xbox Series X) – Day One Edition £34.85 @ Hit


The Callisto Protocol is the newest Xbox Series X game and it is available now in the Day One Edition! Experience the most intense and immersive horror adventure yet, set in the very distant future. With cutting-edge graphics and thrilling gameplay, The Callisto Protocol is a must-have for any Xbox Series X owner. For only £34.85 from Hitari, you can be one of the first people to experience this groundbreaking title. Get ready for a horror adventure like no other!

Product Features


1. Experience a thrilling and immersive horror game set in a mysterious space station.
2. Explore the secrets of the Callisto Protocol, a secret experiment gone wrong.
3. Experience a deeply satisfying combat system with numerous weapons and tools to choose from.
4. Enjoy a cinematic story-telling experience with stunning visuals and audio.
5. Unravel the mysteries of the station with an extensive dialogue system and accessible mechanics.
6. Experience visceral horror with intense jump scares and a thrilling atmosphere.
7. Unlock secrets and unlock powerful upgrades and abilities to help you survive.
8. Immerse yourself in a detailed and diverse world with unique environments, characters and creatures.
9. Enjoy a unique experience with varied and engaging puzzles and minigames.
10. Enjoy a unique soundtrack and sound design to enhance the atmosphere.

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