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Babies are very sensitive so they need care and comfort from an early age. Most parents let their new baby sleep on the coat all day, but that’s not right at all. Physical features like the baby’s head are trying to get a proper shape during this time. However, the extra pressure on the flat surface of the bed can lead to flat head syndrome in the baby.

Are you worried about your baby’s brain development? As it turns out, you probably don’t need to worry – it’s a completely normal occurrence and can be easily fixed.To help you choose from bad to good, we’ve put together a list of our recommended baby pillow, as well as a practical guide to finding the right pillow for your baby.

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Koala Babycare Orthopedic Baby Pillow

This pillow for head care comes from Koala, with an orthopedic pad to treat and prevent itching.This pillow especially made of great materials, cotton and memory foam that perfectly match the cranial size of your baby. It has 2 washable covers and a breathing hole to avoid SIDS syndrome.You can choose the desired design in 3 different colors. When you buy it, you keep a product at home with a 2 year warranty.

Babymoov Baby Pillow Lovenest A050214

The high recommend pillow comes from Lovenest. It is allowing for your little one in the first months of life. This baby pillow for flat head is very versatile, as it is suitable for baby’s rotation, bed and rib cushion.This pillow is especially made of ultra-soft yarn to give your baby the most comfort, it also has a breathable fabric and washable cover.

The design redistributes stress levels for the normal development of your baby’s scalp.

Plagiocephaly Baby Pillow with Two Removable Covers

If you want a pillow which is effective in the treatment, it is prevented of plagiocephaly, comes with its ergonomic design and its production materials.This pillow is especially made with cotton and hypo-allergenic memory foam.

You can use it perfectly on a stand, car seat, or stroller to carry your little one.

Amazing Tour Newborn Baby Cot Memory Foam Pillow

Its soft and delicate fabric that is made of fiber bamboo softens your baby’s skin, it releases moisture and sweat and gives your little angel a perfect sleep.

When your baby sleeps well, he is happier and more active during the days. It is made of durable, high-quality material that remains soft even after multiple washes.

This pillow is made with premium cotton and hypo-allergenic memory foam. It gives the natural shape of your child’s skull.

WDW Baby Cosy Pillow for New Born Baby

The high recommend pillow comes from WDW. It is perfect for your little one. This pillow especially made of great materials, cotton and memory foam that perfectly match the cranial size of your baby. This removable U Shape Cushion Supports the Legs.

Baby Pillow Head Support Anti

The memory foam pillow is made of pure memory foam cotton. This top quality pillow distributes pressure evenly over the head, spine and neck to allow your baby to sleep comfortably.

The foam pads present in this pillow are soft and very comfortable. The ingredients used in this baby pillow are antibacterial, anti-fungal and respiratory which promises a lot of protection for your child.This scientifically designed pillow provides the best and comfortable communication between the baby’s head and the pillow.This allows your baby’s head to adjust easily anywhere on the pillow.

Cybill Baby Pillow

Baby Head Shaping Pillow is made with cotton material which is very suitable for your child’s skin, because it is made from smooth cotton material, it is also organic.

The pillow is a good choice for your baby as there is no toxin in the pillow material as it enhances your child’s sleep experience. The pillow provides a free flow of air and ventilation as well as intense protection and efficient control of temperature.

The pillow is perfect for correcting your child’s flat head syndrome. The pillow is extremely durable and healthy for the baby.

ARLINENS Memory Foam Cot Pillow

If you are worried about your child getting flat head syndrome, there is no better solution than ARLINENS pillow.

These pillows are made with hypoallergenic high-quality material that gives your baby the perfect softness and comfort.To facilitate air flow to the neck, it is specially made with breathable material to provide better sleep.

The memory foam of this pillow is resistant to bacteria. This pillow aligns the head and back of the baby’s body and will give comfort to the baby.Your baby will sleep comfortably without any problems.

Xzbnwuviei Baby Moon Shaped Pillow

This adorable moon shape pillow comes from Xzbnwuviei. This pillow is perfect for photographer or new parents.These pillows are made with hypoallergenic high-quality material, breathable, soft and delicate that gives your baby the perfect softness and comfort.

Uamaze Baby Head Support Pillow

This support pillow comes in two different sizes to match the growth rate of any baby. You can use this support pillow in both your car and stroller hassle-free. Furthermore, the only reason to use this head support is to keep your baby in a good position when shaking.

The support pillow also fits hassle-free with most shoe systems and does not interfere with the operation of the safety belts.

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