Carplan DIW250 De-Ionised Water 2.5L – £1.50 @ Amazon

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Amazon has Carplan DIW250 De-Ionised Water 2.5L – £1.50 @ Amazon

The Carplan DIW250 De-Ionised Water 2.5L is the perfect choice for your car cleaning needs. This 2.5L bottle contains de-ionised water that is free of minerals and salts and is suitable for use in all car cleaning applications. It is an economical choice, only costing £1.50 from Amazon, and is perfect for removing dirt and grime from your car and other vehicles. In addition, it is safe to use on all surfaces, including glass and paintwork, and will not cause any damage. Get the best cleaning results with Carplan DIW250 De-Ionised Water 2.5L today and experience a sparkle finish!

Product Features

1. Containing de-ionised water, Carplan DIW250 De-Ionised Water 2.5L offers superior cleaning power to help keep your car looking like new.

2. The de-ionised water is free from contaminants and salt, making it ideal for use in car detailing, pressure washing and window cleaning.

3. The pack contains 2.5 litres of de-ionised water, enough for multiple uses.

4. It is available for purchase at an affordable price of £1.50 from Amazon.

5. Carplan DIW250 De-Ionised Water is also suitable for use with car waxing, polishing and other detailing jobs.

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