Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System for only £5.00

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£5.0 £15 See Deal has Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System, Lotus Flower 250 ml for only £5.00 instead of £10 it’s a Great Deals.

  • Contains one automatic dispenser and one 250 ml refill
  • Dispenser senses hands and automatically dispenses soap
  • With E45 softness
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Product Description of Dettol No Touch Hand Wash SystemEncourage more effective, frequent hand washing with the Dettol no-touch antibacterial hand wash with E45 softness. The sensor automatically dispenses the antibacterial, moisturising soap after you place your hands under the nozzle. Bacteria never come in contact with this automatic soap dispenser, promoting a healthy home.Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, the Dettol No-Touch Antibacterial Hand Wash with E45 softness includes a hands-free dispenser, one soap refill with rose and shea butter scent and batteries.


    Instructions for setting up 1. Remove battery compartment. 2. Pull out the protective red tab you’ll see behind the batteries. 3. Close the battery compartment. Press it firmly back to its place. Hold the dispenser over your palm. Slide the on/off switch to turn the dispenser on. 4. Place the dispenser on a bench top. Remove seal from Hand Wash Refill cap and insert it, cap-down, into the device. 5. Place hand under the nozzle and on top of the beam window until soap is dispensed. You may need to repeat this a few times for the first use. Pump twice. Wash hands normally. When the Hand Wash Refill is empty: Turn off the dispenser. Take the refill out. Replace only with Dettol No Touch Antibacterial Hand Wash Refill. Turn on.

    Safety Warning

    Important Keep out of the reach of children unless under adult supervision. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If irritation persists, get medical attention. Per 100g contains 0.1g Benzalkonium Chloride. Do not hold the dispenser from the middle while switched on as this will activate the sensor and soap will be dispensed. Before cleaning your counter, where the dispenser is placed, turn the dispenser off to prevent it from accidently dispensing soap. This device is battery operated. Use only alkaline batteries. Do not mix used batteries, batteries of different brands or different kinds. Ensure batteries are inserted correctly, aligning the (+) and (-) terminals as indicated. When your batteries have run out, replace with a new set of 2 AA batteries. Do not expose the batteries to water, fire or high temperatures. Do not cause a short-circuit. If any leakage from batteries is noted, remove them immediately and remove any leaked material. Remove batteries if the device is not in use for a long period of time. Batteries contain: 0%Hg / 0% Cd / 0% Pb. Maintaining your dispenser DO NOT place the dispenser under running water. DO NOT place the dispenser inside the dishwasher. If the dispenser requires cleaning, switch it OFF, then wipe dispenser with a damp non-abrasive cloth and dry thoroughly. Ensure lens on underside of nozzle is free from soap build-up as this may unintentionally activate sensor. DO NOT place the dispenser in direct sunlight. DO NOT place the dispenser in standing water. Troubleshooting 1. If the dispenser does not turn on: Check that the batteries are inserted in the correct orientation. If the batteries are inserted correctly, the lights in front of dispenser should flash for a few seconds and stop when it is switched on and ready for use. 2. If the dispenser does not dispense properly OR does not dispense any soap at all: Ensure hand is placed between the nozzle and the indicator light (see diagram). Switch the dispenser off. Clean as described in the section on “Maintaining your Dispenser”. If soap is dispensing unintentionally, see “Maintaining your Dispenser”.

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