Drawing Nature: Mastering simple projects (Practical guide)

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Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Drawing Nature! In this book you will learn about how to draw elements and aspects of nature. You will learn about the techniques and the skills required drawing very carefully crafted images of nature. What kinds of images of nature you might be asking? Well, we will start out with animals and insects of various kinds and types. There are around 14 different creatures to draw. Then we will move on to a variety of flowers and foliage, a total of 14 images in that category as well. Then to cap it off we will illustrate 4 different engaging backgrounds that really capitalize on nature’s beauty as a whole. Each one of these images will have several steps included in it to show you how you get from the very inception and conception of the idea and then you will be shown how to build up from it and turn it into the finished product. Each of these will vary in difficulty and ultimately culminate in you learning the skills required to tackle images like these on your own and know how to start and what materials you will need. More than you will learn how to carry the project through to completion step by step. This book is a great assistant to any artist of any skill level looking to either branch out or fine tune their skill set and level into something more nature based and oriented. It doesn’t matter what you already know, or if you have more experience, you will find valuable information in these pages. Without dragging this introduction on for too long let’s move on and get into the materials that you will need for this project!
In this book You’ll learn to draw:
– Materials for drawing
– How to start draw
– Techniques base
– Geometrical figures
– Flowers
– Trees
– Animals
– Landscapes

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