Empyrium The Turn of the Tides Vinyl album £14.22 on Amazon

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£14.22 £32.60 See Deal

Amazon has Empyrium The Turn of the Tides Vinyl album £14.22 on Amazon

Product Features

1. High-quality 180-gram double vinyl pressing of the album, The Turn of the Tides, by renowned German Neoclassical/Folk Metal band Empyrium.

2. Includes a 24-page full-colour booklet with lyrics, artwork and detailed liner notes.

3. Remastered for vinyl by band founder Markus Stock, with sound production by Waldemar Sorychta.

4. Composed, played and orchestrated by Markus Stock, this album is a masterful mix of Classical and Folk influences, featuring soaring vocal harmonies, powerful guitars, and delicate strings.

5. Delicate orchestrations and beautiful folk melodies blend seamlessly together, creating a truly captivating listening experience.

6. The album was recorded at Woodshed Studio in Germany, and mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

7. The Turn of the Tides is a must-have album for fans of the band and fans of Neoclassical/Folk Metal in general.

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