Leviathan Wakes: Book 1 of the Expanse (Kindle Edition) by James A. Corey 99p @ Amazon

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Amazon has Leviathan Wakes: Book 1 of the Expanse (Kindle Edition) by James A. Corey 99p @ Amazon

Leviathan Wakes is the first book in the acclaimed Expanse series by James A. Corey. It is a thrilling science-fiction novel which follows two characters on opposing sides of a galaxy-spanning conflict. The story begins with Detective Miller, a hardened and jaded cop on the asteroid belt city of Ceres, tasked with finding a missing girl. His search leads him to the mysterious ice-freighter captain, Jim Holden, and a conspiracy that could destroy the entire solar system. Along the way, Miller and Holden must battle against powerful corporations, politicians and their own doubts as they uncover a sinister truth that threatens to unleash an ancient alien force upon humanity. This action-packed novel is a must-read for any fan of science-fiction, and is sure to keep readers riveted with its edge-of-your-seat suspense and vivid world-building.

Product Features

• Introducing the first book in the New York Times bestselling Expanse series, set in a distant future where humanity has colonised the solar system

• Captivating and thrilling sci-fi adventure that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next installment

• Epic and expansive story of politics, betrayal and interstellar warfare

• Action packed narrative that follows a disparate cast of characters as they battle for survival in a hostile universe

• Richly detailed, hard sci-fi universe full of vibrant and unique environments

• Written by award-winning authors James S. A. Corey

• Kindle edition includes fully interactive navigation, dictionary lookup, and annotation features to enhance your reading experience

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