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£2.24 £2.99 See Deal

Playstation Store has [PS4] XCOM 2 – £2.24 @ PlayStation Store

XCOM 2 is an award-winning strategy game from the experts at Firaxis Games. Now available on the PlayStation Store for just £2.24, XCOM 2 puts you in command of a resistance force fighting against a powerful alien occupation. Assemble your team of skilled freedom fighters, develop new technology and weapons, and battle your way to victory. With intense turn-based tactical combat, an expansive open world, and an epic story of humanity’s struggle for survival, XCOM 2 is an essential purchase for strategy fans.

Product Features

1. Experience an intense and thrilling strategy game on your PS4 with XCOM 2.
2. Take command of your own XCOM squad and face off against powerful enemies in turn-based combat.
3. Customize your soldiers with powerful weapons and armor and upgrade their abilities as you progress.
4. Go on covert missions to gather intelligence, recruit allies, and sabotage your enemies.
5. Explore a procedurally generated world as you fight for humanity’s survival.
6. Enjoy a deep and engaging story with complex characters and multiple endings.
7. Challenge yourself with a variety of difficulty levels and new gameplay modes.
8. Unlock achievements and trophies as you master the game.
9. Take the battle online with cooperative and competitive multiplayer.
10. Experience the ultimate challenge of XCOM 2 with the War of the Chosen expansion.

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