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Amazon has Stranded Deep – Xbox Game Pass

Stranded Deep is an Xbox Game Pass title that puts you in the role of a lone survivor of a plane crash, stranded in the middle of an expansive and dangerous ocean. With limited resources at your disposal, you must explore the depths of the ocean, craft tools and equipment, and survive the harsh environment. The game features a wide variety of underwater creatures, dynamic weather, and an immersive 3D environment. With an ever-changing world, you’ll never know what surprises await you in Stranded Deep.

Product Features

1. Explore the vast, uncharted depths of the Pacific Ocean, from shipwrecks to dark and mysterious underwater caves.

2. Experience an immersive story-driven adventure as you battle against the elements, find resources, and craft tools to survive the treacherous islands.

3. Immerse yourself in a realistic and vibrant underwater world with breathtaking visuals, dynamic weather, and dynamic day and night cycles.

4. Craft a variety of tools and weapons to help you survive the harsh environment, from makeshift rafts to fishing rods.

5. Encounter a variety of aquatic wildlife, from harmless sea turtles to dangerous sharks.

6. Take on harrowing challenges and puzzles as you search for a way to escape the island and return home.

7. Choose from multiple difficulty settings and customize your experience with a range of game modifiers.

8. Enjoy exciting co-operative multiplayer and challenge your friends to see who can survive the longest.

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